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Austin Pond Society Fish Rescue/Rehome

Over the last six years we have received several calls from fish owners like you needing our help. Our APS volunteers step up and help out when we are able. APS is a non-profit organization.

APS has equipment that are able to transport all types of fish. APS is not responsible of the welfare of the fish during the transport nor after they are at their new homes. We are unable to hold your fish until you want them back. Once they are rescued it is out of our hands. APS will need to remove enough water from your pond or water feature to remove the fish safely.   We are unable to remove fish from extra-large ponds (over 2000 gallons) without the help of the owners removing the water before we arrive. APS will be removing your fish not cleaning your pond! The larger the pond the more water that must be removed!

Fee charge for this service is depends on the size of the pond,  & how many total rescue  hours.  $50 minimum charge.   Please email to confirm what your Rescue fee will be.

We are unable to rescue sick fish of any kind or if we see that the pond is unhealthy. We would appreciate any fish food or equipment that you might not need or want anymore. We share equipment with our members when they have equipment failure.

Thanks, from the fish wranglers. APS style!


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Austin Pond Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 2220 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78746

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