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2023 Austin Pond Tour

Greg and Peggy's Pond & Gardens

We moved into our house during the spring of 2007. There was already a pond in the backyard that had been built by the previous owners. Since the house had sat empty for a bit, the yard and pond were neglected and overgrown. As a young family in a house that needed many updates and repairs, the pond was sort of left and maintained as it was and often a second thought.

During the spring of 2020, as the pandemic was in full swing and the world shut down, we found ourselves at home with grown children. So, our focus returned to the pond. We hired Eric Arnston and Stonebridge Pond and Waterfall Co. to remodel the pond and create something that was sustainable, fun to enjoy, as well as easy to maintain!

For many years, the pond was just another thing on a list of many things that needed repairs and updating. We really didn’t know where to begin with it and so it would just get moved to the end of the list! After a while, we started calling it, “The Swamp.” Then when Stonebridge came in and remodeled it, we felt like we could finally exhale and now have a yard we love. We enjoy coming out on the weekends or at night and slowing down to breathe. We have always liked fish and we love to garden. So, our pond is a mixture of those two things complete with Koi and many types of plants. Also, since the pandemic our patio has flexed into a second workspace. Greg will often work outside and Peggy’s coworkers often have her show off the pond during Zoom calls!


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