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2023 Austin Pond Tour

Michael and Mary's Pond & Gardens

  I created a bog pond because I am a lover of nature and love to bring life to my yard. It is so easy to use runoff from the roof of a house. I first created in-ground ponds or mini-ponds with buckets or barrels with the rainwater. My beautiful rainwater, which I have collected in tanks, is perfect for plants and mosquito fish. My pond buckets and inground pond attract a lot of wildlife. The lizards, frogs, toads, birds, dragonflies, and butterflies all come to this precious habitat. I laugh out loud when we hear toads sing at night. I am doing my part to keep biodiversity alive. May you be a voice for the wild! My pond is an absolute magnet for starved and thirsty wildlife. Natural habitat has been systematically taken out, especially in my neighborhood. Even though it’s a bog pond it gets very clear. Having a certified wildlife habitat makes you very conscious of the service you provide for many creatures. This warms the cockles of my heart.

    I’m a nature artist, I make all my art from things I grow at home. I use plants for natural dye, weaving, seed mandalas and flower mandalas, flower photography, animations, and films. I’ve made pamphlets and handouts for my art shows about ponds and moisture.

My instagram page shows more of my work.

    The moisture cycle is more apparent on the land when we capture this moisture by building ponds, rain gardens, using greywater, and capturing water in rain tanks or barrels for later use.

I think ponds are the best thing ever for keeping moisture on the land and helping wildlife. 

Water resources underground have been tapped by farming and industry and are almost

completely gone. When we connect with the water in our garden, we connect with water all over the earth. Water is highly sensitive and receives our messages. * Emoto Peace Project

My community art videos about water from grant funded projects


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