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2023 Austin Pond Tour

Stephen and John's Pond & Gardens


Our waterfall was started in 2022 by Eric Arnston of Stonebridge Pond and Waterfalls who was the designer/builder of the waterfall and all the hardscape (patio, walkways, kitchen flagstone and steps). The top, or start, of the waterfall near the driveway is accessible, however once you go through the gate there are 5 steps to get up to the patio. The final hardscape and landscape were finished in late March 2023.

I think the waterfall is unique and special because it travels under a wooden bridge and then under the fence to the side yard. We have 3 distinct falls in the streamway along with another special feature that Eric created to have a waterfall pass through a 500-pound piece of onyx.

We selected the largest lot in the development because we knew we wanted to have a garden with plantings native to Texas. When I met with Eric, I told him we wanted to create a Zen-like oasis. Originally, I thought of a dry creek bed near the driveway. Eric was the artist who suggested waterfalls. His design is outstanding! It truly gives me pleasure because - whether I am in the front on the sitting bench, the side yard patio or the porch, the sound of the water passing through the falls is so relaxing.

I believe that visitors will enjoy the unique design that Eric created.  We had limited space, yet he has added so many elements that our yard and falls feel much larger.  Many neighbors have walked up our driveway to see the start of the waterfall and enjoy how it moves under the wooden bridge and fence.


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