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Joe and Stephanie's Pond & Gardens

I started my first pond when I was 13 years old in my family’s backyard. After a summer of bugging my dad about building one, he told me, “If you dig it, we will put it in”. That first pond was 6x6x18” and was too small for the Koi I added to it. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the experience. My next effort was a preformed pond that sat on the deck at my townhome in Houston and housed 1 water lily and several Shubunkins. Around 2008 the Koi bug got me again and I purchased a $6 fish that I was planning to trade in once it outgrew my little pond. That is not what ended up happening though. Instead, I decided that it was time for a proper pond for her to live in which began the efforts to install the original sections of the pond you’ll see today. That first fish “Sunshine” still swims around happily in this pond and I would be happy to point her out. Ask me about the first Sea Horses I ordered for a magazine as a young boy.

The intent of my pond is to provide a natural and inviting flow as you enter from the gate. While I won’t say my pond is overly unique, I think the thing that gives me the most pleasure is the ecosystem I have created along with the sound of running water. I have many plants that are easily sustainable and the habitat attracts all sorts of other organisms varying from dragonflies to snakes and frogs.However, if I had anything to do it over again, I would have planned by bog to provide more natural filtration.

A funny story about my pond would be its construction. I hired an awesome gentleman to work with the installation and design of my pond who was more of a weekend warrior than a true pond professional. What I quickly realized was that he had under scoped the project and without my help this pond was going to take much longer to install than I had the patience for. I had no choice but to jump in and help with digging and placement of the rocks. It was one of the most labor-intensive projects I have ever done and has provided me with a great level of satisfaction.The same can be said for my wonderful wife who wins the annual MVP award for helping me clean out the pond every year.


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