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Austin Pond Society

2023 Austin Pond Tour

Connie and Rodney's Pond & Gardens

    After attending our first pond tour in 1996, we were hooked and had to have our own pond. The next day we were out in the backyard designing our pond by laying out a water hose in the shape we liked. Since Rodney was in concrete construction, we decided to make it out of concrete instead of a liner. Before we even finished our first pond, we knew it wasn't going to be big enough. We added another pond with a waterfall and two streams that flowed into our first pond. The larger pond holds almost 2800 gallons while the smaller pond holds 750 gallons. The pond is home to koi, goldfish, snails, frogs and dragonflies. It wasn't planned, but see if you can guess what the shape of the small pond resembles. 


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