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2023 Austin Pond Tour

Greg and Lori's Pond & Gardens

During Covid we were looking at doing something different in the yard so we started looking online and I found some videos of recreational ponds and showed them to my wife. They were obviously too big for our yard but the thought of an ecosystem pond stuck with us. We looked up pond builders in our area and that’s where we found Matt Boring with Texas Ponds.  We visited his office manager’s house Tammy and then went to Cosmic coffee (a place that Greg Witstock “The Pond Guy” visited with Matt) to see another build.  We fell in love with the peacefulness of the waterfall and sound of nature so we hired Matt to build the pond in August 2021. 

After the pond was built, we added onto the backside of the berm so we could have more plants to hide the bio falls and sort of soften it out. We also had a small bucket bog which was later replaced by myself for a 150–200-gallon wetland bog, stream, and what felt like a hundred plants and pond plants. Another motivation for the larger bog was to have a place for our grandchildren to play in the water without having to worry about them getting into the main pond. It has truly become a hobby for us and gives us great joy to sit outside, listen to the sounds, and watch our fish. 


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