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Austin Pond Tour 2022
Rajat and Lisa's "True Beauty Japanese Gardens" 

Our property features a Zen garden in the front yard, a Zen garden in the backyard and two Japanese-style water gardens. The main feature is our in-ground pond, which is roughly 6,000 gallons. It has two interconnected sections, two waterfalls, a stream, a bog and an island. We call it “Heiwana Shima” (Peaceful Island). 

Over the years, we’ve introduced the six elements of Japanese water gardens: water (mizu), rocks (ishi), plants (shokubutsu), traditional lights (toro), red curved bridges (guzei) and koi fish. We now have four traditional lanterns (two yukimi-doroone shinto and one tachi-doro) and one contemporary Yukimi lantern. The Shinto lantern was created exclusively for our garden in 2021 by our family friend Ernest. This pond features some of our prized Japanese koi: Hi Utsuri, Midori, Goshiki, Shusui and Kohaku among 30 or more domestic and butterfly (long-fin) koi. 

We also have a 2,500-gallon pond towards the back of the in-ground one. We built it with wood, in Ernest’s workshop. This pond is decorated with two torii-gate imitations, with bamboo on top, and a Japanese-style curved roof covering the waterfall. This pond is called “Koi Puru” (Koi Pool), and it contains about 10 fish. 

Both ponds are connected to our Japanese patio garden, following the Zen principles of interconnectivity and flow. Our gardens demonstrate the seven basic principles of Zen: simple elegance (kanso), basic and bare essential only (koko), asymmetry (fukinsei), being natural and simple (shizen), using imagination and power of suggestion (yugen), being unconventional (datsuzoku) and tranquility (seijaku). 

Ask me about the fishing lines, the K1 bead filter, my vertical bog, the skimmer inside the water body (as opposed to outside) and the “weight of water.” Be sure to look for Frankenstein, Ninja or Spot — to name just a few of our favorite koi. Or simply breathe deep and enjoy the tranquility.

Our pond is mentioned in the Central Texas Gardener in February 2022 (https://www.centraltexasgardener.org/2022/02/whats-growing-on-with-ctg/).

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