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Austin Pond Tour 2022
Travis and Laura's "Tranquility Pond" & Garden

In 2012, we built our first pond with a rocky outline, relaxing waterfall and a smooth leading edge with seating and lights to look at our fish day and night. It is relaxing and a joy to observe. We called it “Tranquility Pond.” 

Over the following year, we came to the realization, as many pond owners do, that we wanted more out of our pond. We started collecting rocks over the next few months. Clearing out limestone from an abandoned landscape supplier, raiding pastures of granite stone, picking up rocks on hiking adventures, we accumulated rocks from anywhere we could find them. Finally, in 2013, almost a year to the day after “Tranquility” was built, “Pilfered Rock” was constructed. Built deeper with a dual filtration system, it allows for large koi to be kept safely and comfortably in the pond. The pond holds approximately 1,200 gallons and is nearly 4 feet deep at its deepest point. The pond features a center fountain and waterfall fed by 6,000 GPH pumps to help keep the ponds filtered appropriately.  

“Tres Laguna” is our third pond, which was built in 2016 to fill a small opening we had left in the yard. It's the smallest pond, but our most efficient. Many of our fish have grown very large over the years. We surrounded the ponds with a variety of palms, elephant ears, succulents, cacti and tropical plants. Our eight parrots also live in the garden during the day in three different enclosures. We have Scarlet the macaw, Charlie the umbrella cockatoo, Taz and Cricket the African greys, Lucy the Amazon, Angel the Goffin’s cockatoo, Oats the Quaker and Honey the sun conure.  

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