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Katie and Dustin's Pond & Garden

I started my pond in the summer of 2019, building it myself over the course of two years. It is easily accessible through our flat yard, which has lots of shade trees. Unfortunately, our house has no street parking and only limited parking in our driveway. But we do have excellent access to the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church located just around the corner at 700 W. Whitestone Blvd. (It’s a short walk.) Our pond is home to goldfish, koi, a few leopard frogs, and our little Zen garden that is visited by many critters and birds that are lured in by the feeders.    

I have always admired water features and dreamed of building one someday. I have a screened-in patio to enjoy mornings and evenings, and adding the sound of flowing water helped to make it an excellent place to relax and meditate. An interesting challenge we have found since its conception is the amount of shading the pond has. I decided to build in this particular corner of the property not only for the proximity to the patio, but also because it was always a hard place to get grass to grow. I had no idea it would also be difficult to find pond and garden plants that are not only pretty but love the shade.     

When I decided to build a pond for my water feature, I originally wanted to keep it as native and natural as possible. I wasn’t going to invest in ornamental fish but rather stock it with native sunfish and minnows. We learned the hard way how voracious they are. My fiancĂ©e wanted very much to have leopard frogs and had brought some home from work that she had found. She was so excited to get home and set them free into their new home. She placed them in the pond and the poor little guys got two kicks across the water and were swallowed whole by the sunfish! Needless to say, we drained the pond the next weekend and took them all back to where they had come from and began a new passion in hunting for our favorite koi. 

Another interesting lesson learned was on my first waterfall stream. Very shortly after completing it, I was forced to rebuild the entire stream and rethink how it needed to be done correctly. Feel free to ask me why it was necessary and what detrimental mistake I had made.     

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