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Gary and Lynne's Pond & Garden

My pond is approximately 17 years old. I did all the water features myself. I have 10 total on my 1½-acre property), which is totally flat and easy to navigate. Even though we are in the heart of Cedar Park, we have quite the wildlife, including racoons, possums, lots of deer, occasional fox and owls. We always get blue herons and cranes at certain times of the year, but the real stars are our four pigmy goats: Domino, Denali, Bambi and Miss America. Not a day goes by that the neighbors don’t bring their kids and feed them through the fence. They are a neighborhood legend. 

My mother was into gardening when I was a kid, and we lived in a place that didn’t have a lot of other kids to play, so being the oldest of five, I helped her a lot. About 20 years ago, I went on the pond tour, because it was a type of gardening I had not tried yet. I got hooked the first day and I immediately started planning. It was years later before I did anything, but it has paid off. We have a pond and water feature in the front with a disappearing rain chain that is popular, and in the back I have a hippo head in my main pond that everyone usually comments on. 

We had a professional landscaper come to a party here once and he said it looked like the pond just grew there — best compliment you could get. It is our little oasis, and it’s a privilege to share it with anyone who wants to come by.   

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