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Mark and Cindy's Pond & Garden

Pond is about 24’ x 8 ‘ with nice waterfall

Pond built in 2019

Built by Hill Country Gardens and by Matt Boring

Cindy has a nice front yard of zoysia grass and several planted beds with a variety of plants near the variety of plants.  Her goal is to cover up as much grass as possible and have plants instead.  She has teacup elephant ears, a curry plant, alyssum, angel’s trumpet, hardy hibiscus, queen’s wreath, caladiums and many more.  There are several trees including a weeping redbud, a cherry laurel, aFrench pink Pussy Willow.  The pond is in the middle of the yard and is landscaped very nicely with many varieties of plants in and on the outside of the pond:  lilies, sedum, papyrus, ferns, iris, dianthus.  The pond has a lovely waterfall which is about 10 feet long.  There are Butterfly and Japanese koi and some goldfish.  Cindy and Mark were eager to tell me that Greg Wittstock who is the owner of Aquascope Products videotaped their back yard and you can see it on his YouTube channel. Don’t forget to notice on the west side of the house the shade garden.  It is beautifully planted with a variety of shade plants,  And you will see another plant bed tucked into the corner. Cindy loves to talk about her variety of plants so  make sure you have a conversation with her.  And last but not least if you are lucky you will get a glimpse of Bentley their sweet longhaired dachshund.

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