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Austin Pond Tour 2021
Robert's Pond & Garden

Walk into Robert’s back yard on the right side of his house and find a 25 foot long pond lined with red sandstone and containing all colors of water lilies and about 18 domestic and Japanese koi.  Did you know that domestic koi will lose their color unless fed color enhancing food?  There is also a large plecostomus or catfish which stirs up debris off the bottom of the pond. The debris is then taken into the filters and out of the pond keeping the pond cleaner.  The pleco also eats a lot of debris on the bottom as well.   There are dual fountains, dual pumps and a bog to keep the pond clear. The pond was built in 2013 by Hill Country Water Gardens and is 25 feet long, 8 feet wide and 3 feet deep. 

Robert has over 500 species of plants in the ground and in pots.  That is 3 species for every 3 feet.  Look all over the yard and in the pond to find these plants.  Some species include hyacinth, bleeding heart vine, passion vine, yellow shrimp, almond verbena, hibiscus mallow, agapanthus, mountain laurel, a tiger eye flowering maple tree or abutilon.  One side of his porch is covered with a rainbow of plants, clematis, orange Mexican flame, red, white, and pink mandevilla.  In the front yard notice the rose bush section on the left side of the yard.  Robert is also the God of the plant world so save any  plant questions you have for the visit to his garden.  He has a KLBJ radio show each Saturday from 8 to 9 and he also runs a company called Rj Garden Designs.  One more thing to notice in this garden is the tubing in every pot which provides sprinkler stations for the pot plants.  There are 500 metered stations.

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