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Austin Pond Tour 2021
Marc and Arlene's Pond & Garden

Marc and Arlene built their pond in 2019:  It was built by Yard Builders of Georgetown.  Arlene wanted a lot of lilies and Marc wanted waterfalls.  James Hodges built them a lovely pond with two waterfalls and lilies.  Plants in and around the pond include:  balloon flower, wild pickerel, papyrus, lilies, horse-tail, impatiens, African iris, cat mint and asparagus fern.  There are also several goldfish.  Notice the little mermaid on one of the waterfalls and also see if you can find the turtle shaped stone in the large waterfall.  In the waterfall area with the turtle stone is a little separate area where the birds bathe.  There is a nice patio area near the pond with a table and chairs which can be removed so that it can become a dance floor.  There is also a covered patio by the house where you can watch the large television while also admiring the gorgeous yard.  The Levins have a very nice garden area with plumbago, roses, giant leopard plants, salvia, holly, rose of sharon, pink muhly grass, lavender, mock orange, rock rose, spirea and other plants.  They use a drip system to water all plants. See if you can find the concrete pelican that resides on one of their patio rails near the waterfall.  In it resides the spirit of Marc’s Mom who loved pelicans and other birds. 

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