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Austin Pond Tour 2021
Darcy's Pond & Garden

Pond built:  2019

Builder:  Austin Water Designs

Park on the street, not in the driveway

Walk up the front yard driveway and you will see two bogs in front of the home.  The depth of the ponds is 27 inches and the total water volume is 3,200 gallons.   There are both Japanese and domestic koi plus a sailfin pleco, minnows and guppies.  The water plants include spider lilies, elephant ears, peace lilies, giant leopard plants and bog rush.  Also in the pond on the left you will see in pots kale, peppers, celery, parsley;, basil, egg plant and chives, all of them huge due to the fertilizer in the pond.  Whenever Darcy needs an herb for cooking she just puts on her water boots and goes into the bog.  Another interesting feature are the swarms of dragon flies and Darcy says that as a result, they never see any mosquitoes.  And be sure and watch out for the Velociraptor in the front window and hope that there not any more hanging out in the front yard.

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